Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What A Crock

While visiting with Ma, the conversation turned to the fare I served for the holy days of obligation. When cooking for a crowd, I usually cook in the crockpot. Chicken cacciatore or shrimp Creole served over rice. We've done chicken, steak, hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, if the weather has been nice. Lasagna with eggplant Parmagiana (courtesy of Himself). Turkey for Thanksgiving. Shrimp scampi or creole for Christmas Eve (a nod to the Feast of the Seven Fishes because I hate most of the traditional fish (eel, salted cod). All the meals are served with fresh baked bread, salad, and The Brother and his family bring dessert, coffee, and sometimes salad. The meals are all crowd pleasers at least where my family is concerned. I've made home-made ravioli though they fell short in Ma's estimation though Himself assured me my ravioli were better than Ma's.

"Well," she sniffed. "You don't serve the kind of food I do. Your meals are cheap."

A friend recently told me "No one can burst your bubble faster than your mother." How true! Ma it seems doesn't care for "casseroles." Now I realize her statement comes more from the fact that she has to relinquish control to the younger generation. It's classic OPD. She can't do things the way she used to. Still, I was a little hurt by her comment.

In my defense may I say I find cooking in the crockpot convenient. I don't have to spend days cooking for an event only to be worn out, I can't enjoy the company. Like Ma and all the aunties did in the old days. I can start a meal early in the morning, and it's ready when company shows up. I don't have to worry it will dry out when Himself will call to tell me the Weebles are running late.

On the way home, I planned the menu for Thanksgiving, the next holy day of obligation. We're having Chinese food.


Linda said...

Sweet and sour turkey, turkey lo mein, turkey fried rice-yum yum!

Georgiana said...

Haha, love the title of your post.
Can you imagine saying, "Your meals are cheap" to someone? Oy!

I'm just now learning the joy of crock cooking. Mostly, though, I don't remember until too late in the day.

Erica Vetsch said...

That's my problem too, G- I forget until about 3:30. :)

It is so true. No one can bust your bubble as quick as a mama. It's a good reminder to me how much influence I have on my kids.

Alesia Zorn Calligraphy said...

I wish I knew to whom to attribute this brilliant quote, but I don't: "Your family knows which buttons to push because they installed them."

CJ said...

Erica, Georgianna, Even at 3:30 pm it's not to late to use the crockpot. Cook on high 4 hrs. Feed the kids cheese and crackers to tide them over. Eat at 8p like society folk (-;

Anonymous said...

My mother is the same way, CJ. I never please her. I just try not to be like that with my kids. I'll come and eat any of the things you cooked for your family anytime! Call me on your next holy day, lol!


Nutterone said...

I can't wait to hug my mom next week. She does nothing but encourage me and never has a negative word for someone offering to take over a meal. Then again, we ALL know we can't match her talent. We're insecure, but she continually reassures us all is well. Now my DAD... He and ma would get along, but yet he tells me I'm doing it wrong while still managing to tell me he loves me? How does he do this?