Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday's Child

The sun was shining and though cold, it promised to be a beautiful day. Dad's eye doctor appointment had been changed from 10am to an hour earlier, and I was unable to give him a ride. I pushed down the momentary guilt and reveled in the thought I had crossed an imaginary international date line and gained a day. Since I didn't have a Weeble run, I had an extra day to work on the roll call book. Yes, it promised to be a perfect day.

I told the Young One I would do some work on the book, and we could spend the afternoon at the mall having lunch and shopping. In the middle of lettering, the phone rang and on the fourth ring the call was sent to voice mail. Most times, these calls are from telemarketers and charities. On the off chance it was the Eldest calling for a ride home from work because another water main broke, I dialed into the voice mail and saw red. Steam poured from my ears.

Seems Ma wasn't happy with the bank telling her the $250 check didn't seem kosher, she called the scam man who issued the check, and gave him my phone number so he could talk to me! I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. How dare she! How dare she put me in the middle of her OPD stupidity! I paced, cursed, and spoke in tongues. I said the eff word several hundred times.

Long ago, and through the hard way, I learned to continue with my work if I was unhappy or in a bad mood, was disastrous. The work came through my hands in ugly puddles and rivers and would only need to be redone. Since I was writing in a book, I couldn't take the chance pages could easily be removed in order to redo. No sense trying to work with flames shooting from my eyes.

Just as I'm collecting keys and kid, the phone rings. No psychic or caller ID to tell me the call is from Ma. She dances around the reason for the call. I don't mention her scammer had called earlier. Finally, she tells me about that damn check. I tell her she's never to give my phone number out to anyone.

"I don't care if the Pope himself wants my number. You're not to give it out! Do you understand?"

She whines the man told her the check is good, and she should cash it. She's like a dog worrying a bone and no amount of reasoning or cajoling is going to work.

"If you want to cash the check, cash the damn check!"

I feel the familiar throbbing behind my left eye. I'm determined she's not going to spoil the rest of the day. I may not be able to work, but I can enjoy the afternoon with my kid. It's near lunch time and I tell the Young One we are going to be very naughty. We are going to have ice cream for lunch and the world can go to hell in a hand basket. The Young One is thrilled.

The weather was sunny and pleasant for a winter day. There was a feeling of Spring in the air. We went to the ice cream parlor, and I was disappointed to find there were no tables to enjoy the decadent treat inside. I wasn't adventurous enough to eat my ice cream outside. No worries. I promised the Young One we would be naughty. We head to the bookstore. I order cups of chai and a double chocolate cheesecake slice for her, and a heated cinnamon bun for me. I try to concentrate on the delight of the Young One and not Ma and that damn check. I wish I could make the draft spontaneously combust or to find a way to reason with Ma. Thursdays' child has far to go.


Erica Vetsch said...

yup, best not to work around paper with flames shooting from your eyes. lol How about a paper shredder for Christmas for dad when he gets the mail from the box?

Nutter said...

Um, you could move to the midwest? I think you moved up several floors in the everlasting bonfire. :)