Monday, January 21, 2008

Spread a Little Sunshine

Some days you just get everything right. Before the holidays, I had promised to take Ma to get her hair done. Between the holidays, bad weather, and my hairdresser being booked, the plan never happened until Friday.

There was a threat of bad weather, but the storm fizzled and a snowy mix turned to rain. Himself went to pick Ma up and bring her out. I’d take Ma to have her hair done, and then bring her over for lunch. Dad would have a welcome day off. That was the plan.

Himself called me just as he was getting on the offramp from the Pike. It was getting close to Ma’s appointment time so he dropped her off at the hairdresser’s and I bolted out the door to meet him. We executed a perfect Chinese fire drill with the cars.

The hairdresser pampered and catered to Ma. She did a beautiful job cutting and evening out her previous do which Dad had done for Ma. That was the reason for getting Ma to the hairdresser. My bad, just didn’t think about her hair. Didn’t think Dad and a pair of scissors was a good thing. I could just imagine one wrong “you’re stupid remark” and pffft! Sweeney Todd.

I had also decided to invite Prissy over for lunch. Figured Ma would have a new face to talk and sing to. Prissy would have a change of pace. It was a win win. High Five

Lunch went well. The weeble ladies had a nice time chatting with one another. As Hannibal used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Let the sun shine!


Erica Vetsch said...

Sweeney Todd...and the sunbeams! LOL

Alesia said...

I'm glad you had a respite!!

Nutterone said...

Yeah!!! I pity da' fool who messes with your plans!!! Go CJ Go CJ!!!

Andreia said...

Hi there! I found your blog by another blog......anyway I´m reading your posts, I´m brazilian so I can´t write in English very well, but it´s very nice to meet your page!!!