Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Week

Holidays always seem to take me by surprise. I always think there's one more week before I have to clean and prepare for the holiday.

I had taken Dad to another doctor appointment yesterday. When we arrived home, they started discussing holiday plans. Usually, the holiday plans involve Himself going to pick up the Weebles and bring them to our house. I stay home cleaning like a fiend and preparing the roast beast.

This year, Ma wants to pre-order the holiday meal from the grocery store. I've done it in the past when she had her stroke and brought meals on wheels to them. Dinner comes in a box. It's all cooked, from gravy to pie, and you just heat and eat. It's great. So, after several go arounds about "Don't worry, Ma, I'll cook and take care of everything" it was left that she would call, you guessed it in the cheap seats, Market Basket to order dinner.

I'm tearing down the Pike when it occurs to me. Thanksgiving is next week! And what's this about her ordering dinner? I'll have to fight through the Wednesday crowd to pick the damn box up!

I was much happier when I thought I had another week.


Donna Alice said...

LOL! Hear you there--I realized sometime this week that it's just a week away. Which brings to mind another thought, as Pooh Bear often said. One year the Nun doing the church calendar got the date of Thanksgiving wrong---I cleaned like a fiend, bought food, did it all a whole week AHEAD of time! It was the best holiday I ever had--except for the year the ice storm took out all our power until Christmas Eve and everyone else had to cook and bring dinner.
Ah, holiday memories---

Erica Vetsch said...

Oh man, I thought I had another week too! YIKES!

Love the tombstone.

Nutter said...

Um, mom's coming to cook here... **big grin**
I have no holiday angst! Turkey from a box... interesting concept. I bet those NE-ern pilgrims wish they'd have had it!