Monday, November 27, 2006

Yes, CJ, There Is Customer Service

Yesterday, I whined about the poor service I received at Staples in Shrewsbury. Today, I went to the store in Millbury. I had teacher reward checks and wanted to treat myself to a photo printer for Christmas. What a difference a day and a store makes! The manager, Joe waited on me. He was extremely knowledgeable and understood my concerns about image printing. The printer I was looking at was an inkjet printer, and not what I really wanted. He showed me the photo printers which print using an emulsion so they will look as if they came from a photo lab. He answered question after question was patient and didn't rush me.

Tam, the reason I wanted the Epson instead of another brand was in the literature I had read, the Epson ranked superior to the other brands because of their ink and paper.

I also needed a drum cartridge for the color laser printer, and it was not in stock. I told him I would go home and order online. He said he could do it right at the store. He ordered the drum, the photo printer, and a pack of paper for me and to be delivered to my house, tomorrow! He had everything sent to the register so all I had to do was give the cashier my coupons and pay the balance.

I did do one Weeble thing. I complained about the service I got from the Shrewsbury store. Joe was shocked, and said he would mention it to the manager of that store. Jenny might be angry at me for tattling, but it was necessary so other customers wouldn't have to put up with poor service.

I wanted to write a review of the Millbury store at Yahoo as I did yesterday about the Shrewsbury story. The Millbury store is so new it doesn't appear in the Yahoo directory. So, thank you, Joe, for the five star service, and the knowledge that there is, indeed, such a thing as customer service.


Erica Vetsch said...

What else can you expect from a town called SHREWsbury? LOL

So glad the shopping foray was a success.

Tomorrow's Christmas at CJ's house.

nutter said...

You get enough from teacher rewards to make a difference? grumble grumble Since they changed the program and started ripping us teachers off, I refuse to work with staples. They slapped us in the face.

I think you have to wait until Dec. 25th to play with your new toys!

Donna Alice said...

I agree--by Christmas the new will have worn off and it won't be a Christmas present anymore. It will be a November is over gift.

Think you should tattle on Jenny. Anybody named Jenny deserves to be tattled upon....