Saturday, April 28, 2007


Over lunch with Himself, I mentioned my monthly, fast approaching on the first of the month. The first of the month meant social security checks would be deposited in Weeble accounts. They would have access to the funds by the third of the month, and that would mean a trip to Market Basket, the high point of my month.

I mentioned we would have to find someone to repair the brick steps.

“Your dad told me he had the bricks. We’d just have to mix the mortar.”

“You know how to set brick?”

“I can try.”

I tried to block out the picture that came to mind. Horse’s patoot! and a mad dash to Home Depot as Ray’s is too far to travel. I smiled weakly.

“We can go next Sunday as it’s supposed to rain at the beginning of the week. Things should be dried out by next weekend.”

“I’ll give them a call to plan the shopping trip. Maybe let them know we’ll be out next Sunday.”

“No! Don’t do that. They’re like little kids. If something comes up, and we can’t make it, they’ll be disappointed, and there’ll be hell to pay.”

“There’s always hell to pay.”

“Let them be on a need to know basis, that way, there’ll be less.”

I called the Weebles to let them know I had Friday available for shopping. I actually had Wednesday open too, but Wednesday is the third of the month and every weeble for miles around would be at Market Basket. Dad answered the phone and told me his Senior Citizen Glee Club had a performance rehearsal on Friday. He couldn’t miss it, as he’s The Leader of the Band. I tried not to look to the heavens and sigh. Shopping would have to be on Wednesday.

I could feel a pain begin to form behind my left eye so I went to lie down.

The phone rang, and Himself answered. It was Dad. I chuckled as I heard Himself’s end of the conversation.

“Yeah. Un-huh. Yeah.”

Dad replaying the “She Called Me Stupid ” song for some sympathy.

I pulled the quilt over my head and snuggled into the pillow.
“Yeah. Ok. Well, don’t worry about that. I planned on stopping there on Friday, and I’ll mow the lawn. We’ll be there Sunday to take care of the stairs.”

So much for the need to know basis.

“Here, you can talk to Herself about that.”

“Your dad’s on the phone. He has a doctor’s appointment.”

I tried to pull the quilt higher over my head, but Himself managed to wedge the phone in.

“We have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday at 10:30”

“I told you I can’t take you there as I’m having my chipped tooth fixed and I’ve been waiting since December. Can’t one of your friends take you?”

“But, the doctor keeps us waiting and they’d have to wait!”

I rolled my eyes. Like I don’t wait?

“I’ll call the doctor on Monday and have the appointment changed to Wednesday.”

“No, Dad, I’ll have to take Ma to Market Basket on Wednesday. I can’t take you to the doctor too because she takes so freaking long at Market Basket. You won’t be finished in time for me to pick the Young One up from school. I can come back on Friday.”

“No, I have to lead my group.”

“Ok, well, can’t you call The Van to take you?”

“The what?”

“The Van.”

“What’s that?”

I roll my eyes. Dad has been with the Senior Center for close to 20 years. He has advised seniors on the services available to them.

“The Van. You give them 48 hours notice. Tell them where you want to go, and they will come to your house to pick you up. Take you where you need to go, and bring you home. It will cost both of you $2.” I didn’t mention each way as I wanted this to be a very attractive solution. “If you need physical assistance they will help you in and out of the van.”

“Well, I’ll have to check into that.”
You do that.

“I think I’ll call the doctor on Monday, cancel the appointment and reschedule for the following Monday. Can you come out on Monday.”

“Yes, Dad. Monday. Any Monday during the month of May is good. Make the appointment for 10:30 or 11AM.”

I crawled back in bed. Himself sat on the edge and rubbed my back.

“When you’re over there, give them a subliminal message. Peapod, Peapod, Peapod,” Himself whispered in my ear.

“The only way they would understand a subliminal message would be if someone slammed them upside the head with a two by four and yelled PEAPOD. Maybe we should move the two of them into Prissy’s house. She’d love the company.”

“There you go! You’d have all your eggs in one basket.”

“Only it wouldn’t work.”

“Why not?”

“We’d still have to drive 50 miles to do the shopping at Market Basket, and we’d have to take Prissy too”


Erica Vetsch said...

I'm howling and trying to stifle it as it is after ten here and the kidlets are asleep. LOLOL You'd have a weird bunch of eggs! LOLOL

The cat's giving me a baleful stare because I'm snickering and chortling!

Nutter said...

I suppose you could invite them to move in... *grin*

Donna Alice said...

You should get paid for this stuff! I love the slip up about the need to know basis. Himself would never have made it on MacGyver, would he? Are you going to blog what happened when he tried to fix the stairs??