Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spontaneous Marketing

We were nearly out the door when Ma told Dad to get the cans for deposit. (Massachusetts has a nickel deposit on soda cans and bottles). Then she told him not to forget the five bottles for Roche Bros. (another supermarket on the other side of town).

I felt my blood begin to boil. “No, no, no, no, no. We are not going to stop at Roche Bros. for five bottles.”

“But we go right by.”

“No! You want to go to Market Basket, we’ll go to Market Basket, but we are not going to make stops along the way.”

“But the bottles!”

“Wait until you have ten, and then I’ll take you.”

Her eyes goggled at my disobedience. “I hope this never happens to you! I hope you never find yourself in a position where you can’t get help.”

I’m sure there was more to her tune. I only heard the small voice in my head whispering Peapod, peapod.

I can hear some tsking out there. “Shame on you for not stopping so the poor, old lady can get her deposit on a few bottles!”

You understand OPD is really an issue of control with a heaping helping of guilt tossed in for good measure. If I made the stop, I would be setting a new precedent. The one appointment/one outing rule would be forever changed. Stopping at Roche Bros. would mean another hour added to an already grueling task. First, there would be ten minutes at the bottle return, and then as long as we were there, let’s just check out the market specials. We’d still have the big shopping at Market Basket ahead of us. Nope, better to nip this kind of spontaneous marketing in the bud.

So we sailed right by Roche Bros. No comments were made. The shopping at Market Basket was whittled down to two hours. Ma and I tackled produce and Dad? Not sure what he was doing as he met up with us an hour or so later with three cans of baked beans in his cart.

Dad walked me to my car as I was leaving. I mentioned a future trip to Roche Bros. when he had gotten enough cans to make the trip worthwhile.

“What cans?”

“Ma said you had cans that had to be returned to Roche Bros.”

“I don’t have any cans for Roche Bros.”

I am so glad the Spontaneous Marketing Ruling was over ruled.


Nutter said...

You could offer her the Quarter? I'm glad you overruled too. I'll be showing this one to papa. See, I'm RIGHT! *grin* Thanks for blazing the trail for me.

Alesia said...

No tsk-tsking from the Left Coast, I admire your resolve - good for you for sticking to your guns!!

Donna Alice said...

Maybe that's what happened the snowy, icy day Grandma insisted Mom pack all 5 of us kids in her car and drive her to return a pair of shoes. We slid on the ice, went down a hill and smashed into a telephone pole. As we sat there, waiting for the police, etc. Grandma whined, "I guess this means I'm not going to return my shoes tonight."