Saturday, April 12, 2008

Contracts 101

The loss of her friend was weighing heavily on Ma. While tying her shoes she told me second hand, about Comater’s last moments. Comater was unresponsive all weekend.

“She opened her eyes and looked at Cee. Then she said, ‘Maybe I’ll find your father.’ She closed her eyes, and she was gone.”

I think the death story brought some measure of peace to Ma.

While waiting for Ma to finish breakfast, Dad told us his interpretation of the story.

“Your mother was telling me, if I go first, when it’s her turn, she’ll come looking for me.” Dad grimaced.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong? Just like I told your mother, I signed a contract.”

Ever the lawyer.

“It says ‘Til death do us part.’”

Just as if he was explaining a point of law to a client, he enunciated the words slowly and clearly so they would sink in.

“I told your mother, after that we call it quits.”


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nutterone said...

poor dad... think he'd ever considered helping her into the "next" life?

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