Sunday, July 13, 2008


Himself and I were talking about D-Day and the Weebles. D-Day. February 17, 2009. The day television stations will stop broadcasting an analog signal. The Weebles still watch television on a small set with rabbit ears. They do not have cable television. They have FIOS, but won't pay for the television service.

"We could get them a converter box for Christmas," Himself suggested.

"Could we get them a small, flat screen television?"

"We could, but since they don't have cable, we'd still need to get them a converter box. And I don't think a flat screen has the connections for rabbit ears."

"Y'know, they don't really need a television. Dad only watches the news and 60 Minutes. He can watch the news broadcast on the computer. Probably can see 60 Minutes, too."

"That's true."

"Only that wouldn't work."

"Why not?"

"Can you just hear Dad? They won't give me my news. They won't give me my 60 Minutes."

Himself laughed and pointed at me.

"Yup, your monkey."


Nutterone said...

Somehow I don't see Weebles and technology being a good mix. I did however, get a lovely 32" plasma I'd recomment... It's got a million hook-ups, but I think himself is right... No bunny ears.

Erica Vetsch said...

D-day just about sums it up lol.