Saturday, August 30, 2008

Theory of Relativity

Back in April, I introduced you to Auntie Rose. She's the psychic whose picture adorns the wall of shame in the Weebles livingroom.

While visiting last week, I happened to notice tucked into The Nephew's high school graduation picture is another long lost relative. She's quite famous too. Seems we have another grandma. None other than Mama Celeste of frozen pizza fame. Well, that would explain why we aren't abbondanza. Ma must have sent the do-re-mi to Auntie Rose.

The Nephew had told me he was going to stick Mama Celeste on the wall next time he went for a visit. Just to see if the Weebles would notice. I thought he was joking and the Weebles haven't noticed. Or if they did, they haven't mentioned it.

Hey Kid! You know what would be really funny? A picture of Aunt Jemima.


Alesia said...

I cackled so loud over the Aunt Jemima crack I scared the cats!

Erica Vetsch said...

LOL! Me too!!!!