Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The other day, Ma was enjoying one of her favorite pastimes, spouse bashing. She listed a litany of complaints, most of which had to do with housekeeping or lack thereof.

HE does not change curtains or bedspreads. (Ma used to change these items twice a year, Spring and Fall.)

I laughed and told her men don't really care about those types of things.

HE doesn't do housework. (He does, just not HER way. All of this is really a control issue, the heart of OPD)

HE doesn't flush the toilet!

I laughed out loud. "Ma, he does that to save on the water and sewer bill. If you use less than a certain amount of water, the town does not charge you a water and sewer bill."

"If he didn't drink water, he wouldn't need to use the toilet and he'd save on the bill," she harrumphed.

You just can't argue with that kind of logic.


Linda said...

That is really funny. She would rather he just didn't drink the water. Nothing in, nothing out, makes sense.

Erica Vetsch said...

That's just so cold! LOL

You're so right, it's all about control. But she might be reaching a bit far here.

Nutterone said...

Of course she's allowed to drink water, right?