Saturday, May 16, 2009


Himself and I finished running errands so we picked up The Eldest and headed over to the local ice cream stand. Friday night and the place was packed. We stood patiently in line and over the noise, I heard a radio piping music out to the crowd.

"Oh! I haven't heard this song in a zillion years!" I told Himself.

And I started humming along to the Everly Brothers Devoted to You. I love the oldies from the 50's and early 60's Most of the oldies radio stations only play Beatles and stuff from the 70's.

We placed our order and I hummed along as Ricky Nelson crooned and Chuck Berry rolled over Beethoven.

"Man, I wish I knew what radio station they had tuned in."

The young girl at the window passed The Eldest's and my order and we headed to the car leaving Himself to pick up the tab and to get his order.

A few minutes later, he settled himself in the car.

"I asked the girl what radio station they had on. You know what she said to me?"


"Why? Is it that terrible?"
Oldies, indeed.


Erica Vetsch said...

owie! I love Ricky Nelson.

Nutterone said...

Ok, but it was "oldies" 30 years ago too. Sorry to break it to you. *wink* However, it doesn't distract from how great the music was!!!!