Monday, January 08, 2007

Eaglet Spreads Her Wings

Today is a day of celebration. The Eldest applied to Bay Path College and arranged for a tour of the campus. We traveled an hour west of where we live to the small town of Longmeadow. The college she chose is a very small women's college. Founded at the turn of the last century, the buildings are charming nestled in a park like campus of green lawn and old trees. Inside, the buildings have undergone extensive renovation. Everything is comfortably modern and pristine. The labs have all state of the art equipment and computers in common space abound.

After the tour, the admissions officer interviewed her, and then offered her a seat in the Class of 2011 (est. 100 give or take members in the class). She also received the Dean's Scholarship, a 4 year partial tuition scholarship if she maintains a C average. She had scored a 4 out of 5 points on the AP English exam and this score waived her Freshman English course.

She was a little nervous during the interview, but also poised, and her answers were so grown up. I listened to her answers with a mixture of pride and sadness. In this interim year, she has grown, but I can still see my little kindergartener with her name on the school issued fish tag getting on the bus for the very first time.

Eaglet stands on the edge of the nest, ready to spread her wings and soar. Watch out for her!


Donna Alice said...

How wonderful for the Number One daughter and for you! Maybe that year off was good practice for life in the real world.

HOORAY for the Class of 2011! Yikes, that seems so far away.

Erica Vetsch said...

How terrific! Bittersweet to see the child become the adutl, but so satisfying too. Congratulations, Eaglet!

nutter said...

Yep... Kid done gown and grown up on ya... Ya blinked and kabam!