Thursday, January 18, 2007

Television and OPD

Himself and I started watching a new television series, The Sopranos. It's not really a new series, just new to us as we don't get HBO. The series is being shown on the A&E channel. I'm really enjoying this program. I'm not watching it for the action or the drama. I'm enjoying watching Tony Soprano deal with his elderly mother and OPD. It's hysterical.

Tony loves his mother and is a devoted son. In one episode, in the middle of his business day, he calls his mother. She's sauteing mushrooms and forgets them on the stove. Next thing, flames shoot from the pan, but poor Tony can only hear his mother yelling, "Oh my God! Oh my God" Tony is able to get in touch with his wife to send her to check on his mother.

In another episode, Tony's mother is driving a friend home. The lady gets out of the car. Tony's mother goes to back out of the driveway, but forgets the car is in drive and plows through her friend. Mama ends up with a broken arm.

Tony moves his mother to a lovely assisted living facility. The old lady complains her son has "put her in a nursing home to die."

Poor Tony has panic attacks or in Italian acute agita. Tony talks to a shrink to help him deal with his OPD. He explains that the assisted living facility costs him four grand a month. It has lots of social amenities, but his mother refuses to participate thus making Tony feel very guilty. He says his mother makes him feel like he's "an eskimo pushing her out to sea." Himself and I roared. Tony should try blogging.

I can hardly wait for next week's episode.


Erica Vetsch said...

LOLOL This is the first thing that has made me think I might want to see the Sopranos. How funny! The eskimo line is classic!

PS, is today shoe day and will you be blogging later?

nutter said...

Sounds like perfection for you. You and Tony can comiserate. (sp?)

My pre-weeble discovered I broke his computer and he didn't even yell at me. There's hope for us.