Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mahket Day

Yesterday, was another excursion to Market Basket. Himself came along and even offered to come into the store with the Weebles and me. What a guy!

We arrived at the house and the Weebles were running behind. They finally got themselves pulled together, coats on, when we had to do the missing checkbook dance. Himself thought I was kidding about these rituals. Checkbook found, we piled the Weebles in the car. Himself drove. Himself has his own preferred route to Market Basket. I was chuckling to myself. He is so the Golden Child. Not one peep about the route he was taking though I could tell Dad wanted to say something!

Wednesday must not be the usual elder crowd shopping day. Several handicap slots were open. Himself found a prime space, and we unloaded Weebles. At the store entrance, Dad went in to get Ma one of the shopping scooters, and Himself returned her walker to the car. Ma hopped on the scooter and zoomed around the store with us following in her wake stepping and fetching as she dictated. a 12 pack of "jinjah-ale", a 12 pack of root beer, 2 dozen eggs, 2 gallons of milk.

The deli seemed to be the parting of the ways. Dad took off one way, and Ma headed to the meat case. Himself decided to follow Ma and I as she blessed the meat. He really thought I exaggerated the task of picking out the meat. Ma would point, I would lean into the case to retrieve a package, and then hold it for her inspection, then put it back when it was rejected. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Himself watching our progress. As Ma was looking at another package of meat, I made the papal blessing behind her back. Himself started to laugh.

Ma finally selected a package of chuck which she was going to grind into her own hamburger until we found packages of hamburger for $1.79 per pound.

"Is that a good price?" she asked me.

Now, many of you know I don't do the grocery shopping, and when I do shop, I ascribe to the Little Princess Principal of Shopping. That is, if you want it, you buy it whether or not it's on sale or you have a coupon. Ma was waiting for an answer and of course, I have no idea whether it's a good price or not. Suddenly, I feel as if I'm on a game show. Wait! I need a lifeline. Himself gave me a thumbs up. Ma put the hamburger in her cart and had me replace the chuck. As we left the meat case, the meat manager was rearranging all the packages.

Ma's entourage seemed to join up at Produce. She sent Dad off to the other end of the store for something or other. Himself was ordered to pick out plum tomatoes. Not an easy task since most of the tomatoes looked rotted.

Himself rejoined us as Ma and I rounded on the carrots. She wanted big carrots as she doesn't like peeling and doesn't like peeling small ones. Course I'm thinking she doesn't do the peeling any more so what difference does it make. I pick a package. It's rejected. Another is offered. That one is axed too. Ma suddenly grabs the package that is the corner stone of the entire carrot display. I begin juggling 5 lb bags of carrots as they slide from the top. Fortunately, Himself lifted the entire 200 lb stack and Ma was able to get the bag she wanted. Whew!

Himself was sent off to look for raisins while Ma and I headed to the freezer case of ice cream. I have no clue where Dad was, probably taking a break. A local brand of ice cream was on sale.

"Get a gallon of vanilla."

I obliged. She looked at the freezer case trying to decide on another flavor.

"Pick one that you like."

I picked chocolate.

"No, I don't like that." I put the chocolate back. Condensation which had formed on the glass of the open door was now starting to freeze. "What other flavors are there?"

"Chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Fudge Swirl, Berry Swirl?" She wrinkled her nose. The tips of my fingers were turning black, and I feared gangrene from frostbite had set in.

"Get the spumoni"

"The spumoni is not on sale. It's $5.99."

"No, that's too expensive. What other flavors are there?"

"The same ones that were in the case a minute ago."

She finally selected the Berry Swirl.

Dad made an appearance about this time, and she sent him looking for nuts. I almost said he didn't have to look far was we were all right there.

We went up and down aisles, and she sent us scattering like ants hither and yon to bring back things to be presented to her highness.

"Where's the list?"

List? There was a list? We've spent an hour and a half running from one end of the store to the other and there was a list? At least no Little Debbie snack cakes gave their lives during this production.


Erica Vetsch said...

The comment about the nuts! LOLOL Does Himself have a better idea of what happens on Mahket day now? You are so funny. Jinja-ale took me a moment.

Donna Alice said...

LOL--okay, you have got to get a job writing comedy! I actually laughed my way through this.

The nut comment was funny, the carrots were hilarious and I was soooooooooo reliving the ice cream scenario.

nutter said...

I'm going to start making my dad read these... And when he's done, I'm going to say... "Adopt CJ! I ain't putting up with it!" grin

nutter said...

BTW... Is it wrong to enjoy such pleasure from your trying circumstances? I won't if you don't want me to!