Sunday, May 20, 2007

Himself Knows Best

I was relaxing in the sunroom, taking a well-deserved rest. I had me a week dealing with Prissy and her problems. You’ll recall the leaking pipe hysterics. Then there was a call because she had pressed several buttons on her channel changer and changed the picture to video snow.

The phone rang. Himself got up to answer it.

“That’s either The Eldest calling from work looking for a ride home or Prissy.”

“Herself is right here.” Himself handed me the phone and settled Himself in his Lazboy.

I sighed. Prissy. I pantomimed hanging myself.

She had pressed the buttons on the channel changer again.

I looked to the heavens took a deep breath and counted to ten. “Open the front panel of the television and press the button on the far right side.”

She put the phone down, and I could hear her shuffle to the television.

“I did what you said, but nothing happened.”

I told her I’d be over. Hung up the phone and let out a feral yell. "Couldn't you have told her I was dead?"

Himself chuckled. “Cheer up. Soon you’ll be a Weeble, and you can call up people to aggravate them.”


Alesia said...

Indeed! Himself is so right! And it's great that you have this blog, so when you ARE a Weeble and your memory is mush, you'll have documented all the things you should do!

Erica Vetsch said...

LOLOLOL! You slay me every time. And Himself's right. Start your list now of people to call.

nutter said...

hmmm... Why is my first thought to change my number? (I'm not as nice as you.) But alas, I think I'm safe...