Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I think I may have come up with a permanent solution to keep Ma from calling Jamaica. Firefly! Oh, it's not my original thought. I believe awhile ago when Ma first began calling Jamaica, BVMom had suggested getting the Weebles this kid's mobile phone service. The idea must have gotten buried and resurfaced last night as an original thought.

Firefly is a small, mobile phone designed for kids. There are only five buttons on the phone: Answer, Hang up, call Mom, call Dad, and the phone directory. The phone will store 20 telephone numbers and only those 20 can be called. There are no number pads to dial. Calls are paid for in pay as you go plans.

What a great solution! We get the Weebles a Firefly, and program only those numbers that they would need to call. Doctors, me, the Brother (just to share the joy), Peapod Online Food Shopping Service (we can dream). The house phones would be removed, though the wiring would be left intact. Since Dad bundled the phone with FIOS, there's a 2 year contract for the phone, and I'm not sure what penalties are involved with breaking the contract early.

Anyway, back to the solution. It's simply perfect. There'd be no worry that either of them would be able to reprogram the phone for unauthorized telephone numbers. Hell, Dad can't even program the clock on the electronic thermostat. They would be able to make contact with the outside world, if there was an emergency.

The downside would be Dad wouldn't be able to call all over the country for a flat phone rate. He has thoroughly enjoyed that feature, calling our State senators at their Washington, DC offices instead of their local state offices. The remaining time on the phone/Internet bundle would have to be paid off. That's a bit of a waste. On the other hand, I've been paying the Internet portion of the bill every month, even though Dad rarely turns the computer on because "they don't give him his email."

Then there's possibility of them misplacing the small phone. They wouldn't be able to call me to find out if I remember where they put it down, or if I took it with me. Hmmm, I'm not really seeing a downside here.

Dad's birthday is coming up. I'm thinking Firefly would make a perfect gift.


Erica Vetsch said...

Brilliant...if you can get them to use it at all.

Nutterone said...

LOL... Yeah... I agree. I want video footage of telling ma about this one. I don't think she'll buy it... BUT It's a GREAT plan! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the idea! I think it would eliminate the Jamaica calls.