Monday, February 18, 2008

The Ultimate Chauffeur

Himself and I watched the new Knight Rider I loved the show the first time around. No, not for The Hasselhoff, but for the car. I loved KITT. Loved his snooty voice and his sometimes smart ( ! ) comments.

The new KITT is a Mustang Shelby. The very first car I bought myself was a Mustang. I loved that car.

During the movie pilot, NBC was running a contest. Answer questions about the movie on a website and you'd be entered to win one of 5 cars.

"There, why don't you enter the contest. You might win the Mustang, and then you could be cool again," said Himself while reaching into the popcorn bag.

My first instinct was to upend the popcorn bag on Himself's head. Be cool again. As if I lost my coolness. I decided to take the high road and ignored the remark.

"Entering the contest! That's a great idea!"


"I could enter Dad! Not only would he end up with a cool car, but he wouldn't have to drive! KITT would drive them wherever and whenever they wanted to go. It would be so great. Can you just see it?"

"KITT, we'd like to go to Mahket Basket today."

"Very good, sir. Will the Mrs. be joining us?"


I figured I had about as much chance of winning KITT as I do of convincing Ma to shop Peapod, but I can dream. Now, where did I put the matches so I can light a candle?


Erica Vetsch said...

Hee hee...

You haven't lost your cool.

Alesia said...

Hmmm, I missed the movie last night. Supposed your Dad *did* win KITT and your folks were on the way to Mahket Basket... does KITT have an ejection seat?