Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Have A Dream

Recently, a friend had been pipe dreaming about winning a million dollar lottery. She said she would plan a wonderful vacation, and generously included me in her plans. I have to admit my plans wouldn't have been so altruistic. Embarrassed blush here.

What would I do if I won the lottery? First thing, zzziiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp, Weebles go into an adult gated, assisted living community. They do not pass Mahket Basket, they do not collect any promised millions from Auntie Rose.

They would have their pick of a cottage or condo apartment. Heck, they could even have separate cottages! There would be no more trips to Mahket Basket because all meals are included. Meals may be taken in the luxuriously appointed diningroom, or sent to your living quarters. There is no cooking. The units are furnished with a small refrigerator and a microwave if you wish to make tea, or popcorn. Microwaves, no worries for building super about people leaving the stove on. A community van is available for trips to a local supermarket and shopping, not necessarily Mahket Basket to pick up incidentals. Medical facilities are on site, and assisted living if necessary is provided for an extra fee. Laundry service is available or you may do your own laundry. A cleaning service is available once a week. Each living unit is wired for high speed internet access.

There are community activities to participate in. Dad would just thrive in a place like this. If they didn't have a glee club, he could start one. Ma might not like the social aspects, but then again maybe she could teach the other ladies and gentlemen the words to the "You're Stupid" song.

Looking at all the features available, maybe I should book Himself and I a cottage, but not in the same community as the Weebles. Tonight, Mass Millions jackpot is worth $220M. Who said money can't buy happiness? Maybe not, but it sure can buy a lot of dreams. Now, I wonder if I have a dollar to buy a ticket.


Erica Vetsch said...

I gotta admit, your description of the community is sounding good to me...maybe we should get side-by-side cottages when we all retire. :)

Not the one where the Weebles are though.

Nutterone said...

LOL... Why do I have an image of Ma busting out, no matter how nice it is? What on Earth would she do if her life was perfect? But how nice that they came first... wink wink.