Thursday, June 05, 2008

Green Eyes

After pounding Tuesday into everyone's calendar, Ma called on Monday to say the doctor cancelled out. I happy danced around the house. Free day! Free day! Ma was hoping I would take them to Mahket Basket. On the first of the month? On the day every weeble gets his or her social security check? What ah you? We'll go Thursday.

Backstory: Three months ago Prissy's daughter came to pick Prissy up for a girl's day out. While out, their car was broad-sided (T-boned for you Dragon Landers). Prissy was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Both women were just shaken, but not stirred. Prior to the accident, Prissy had been having shoulder pain which her doctor at first, had told her was bursistis. The accident aggravated the shoulder and an MRI showed a torn rotator cuff. Prissy couldn't lift her arm to shift the car in and out of gear, so she stopped driving.

Tuesday. I was celebrating my free day by dancing around the living room. I looked out the front window across the street to Prissy's house, and I saw her standing on the front stairs. So like Gladys Cravits, the nosy neighbor on Bewitched, I pressed my nose to the glass to see what was going on. Prissy was dressed up to go out. Her hair was curled into place and she had her pocketbook looped around her arm. She was looking up and down the street. Waiting.

As entertaining as it was to look out the window, I went back to the sunroom to work on the laptop. Movement by the left side entrance of Flo's horseshoe driveway caught my eye. A small, white shuttle bus was pulling in. The Senior Citizen shuttle bus. My eyes turned green. Prissy's daughter didn't have to haul Prissy's butt hither and yon. She didn't have to take her to Price Chopper, or the doctor, or physical therapy. Prissy had called (48 hrs in advance) to request the shuttle. The shuttle that would take her to the Senior Center for 50 cents each way or to an out of town location for a dollar each way. Two bucks round trip. Prissy can make her appointments, come and go when she wants all for two bucks. Two bucks! Why can't my Weebles take the Senior Center shuttle? They could even go to Mahket Basket on the shuttle, though they'd be limited to three grocery bags each. But no! It costs too much! Too much? Two bucks is half the price of a gallon of gas! If Ma didn't send all her money to the scammers, she would have the two bucks! Don't get me started. I need to go get some Visine to get the green out.


Erica Vetsch said...

Will Visine do that? LOL Love the picture. So clever.

Nutterone said...

So, Next time ma and pa come over, or you go there, Prissy rides along and tells them all about how nice the shuttle is???