Friday, June 13, 2008

Lost , Now Found

Last month, the Weebles misplaced the handicap parking placard. They knew it was somewhere in the house. It wasn't in the outer pocket of Ma's pocketbook where it usually lives when not in use. It wasn't buried under Ma's papers. The Weebles looked high and low, but no luck, no placard. Ma blamed Dad for losing it. Dad thought Ma must have tossed it in the fireplace with trash.

Now to me, having the handicap placard is a nicety, not a necessity. Sure, it's cool to get a parking spot in the front row. Nine times out of ten, the handicap spots are always filled. I usually offload the Weebles in front of Mahket Basket or the doctor's office and then I park the car. When they are done, I bring the car around front and pick the Weebles up. No placard, no worries.

Throughout the month, the Weebles hunted and argued about the whereabout of the placard. I went online to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to see about having a replacement issued. Easier said than done. A phone call, a clerk, another phone call to another number and another clerk later, the clerk said she would send a form to Ma that needed to be filled out and returned. Sigh. I called the Weebles to tell them to keep a weather eye out for the form.

The form arrived a few days later, and Ma called to tell me they didn't need the form afterall.

"We found the card."

"That's great? Where was it? In your pocketbook the whole time?"

"No, he found it on the incubator...."

"The incubator?"

"Oh, you know, the microwave oven. He found it on top of the microwave oven inside a plastic container."

Now, I'm happy they found the parking placard, but felt a bit queasy as to where it was found. Misplaced items found in a drawer, a coat pocket, another handbag, but inside a plastic container? Well, as Scarlett O'Hara was fond of saying, "I'll think about that t'morrow.


Erica Vetsch said...

The incubator? Well, I guess that's where I put the peeps to warm them up.

Nutterone said...

Ya know... I'd do something like that too... Drives me nuts!