Sunday, October 15, 2006

009Friends Like This

Saturday was another glorious Fall day. I met Teague for lunch and then we took a walk along a bike trail along the Charles River. It was a bit breezy but the walk sooned warmed us up. Since the day was so beautiful lots of people were out and about. We passed a young family. The mother was pushing a baby in the carriage. The baby, with her large pumpkin head and one tooth grin smiled at everyone.

"There's a happy baby," said Teague.

"I'd be happy too if someone pushed me around."

"Your day is coming. You'll be the Weeble, and Angel will be pushing you around in a wheelchair. 'Angel, I want you to take me to Mahket Bahsket...' "


Donna Alice said...

Makes you wonder what Angel would blog about YOU at some future date? That's one of the perks of growing older--people seem to develop selective memory. Maybe it will be contagious and happen to your kids first.

Erica Vetsch said...

Alice is hysterical! But I bet Angel's not laughing...