Saturday, October 14, 2006

Too Pretty to Whine

Fall is not my favorite season, but yesterday was too pretty to whine about anything. Val and I took a road trip to Mystic. We wound our way through the back roads and farms under a brilliant blue sky and blazes of color as the trees have reached peak color.

Old Mystic Village is a collection of quaint gift shops arranged like a colonial village. We were surprised there was hardly anyone in the village when we arrived. We had the whole place to ourselves and poked into some of our favorite stores. The general store has free samples of fudge so we sampled the flavor of the day and of course, we bought some to take home. Yes, it even managed to arrive home still in its packaging.

We had no time limit, no commitments. What a relief to be just me for a whole day. I wasn't anyone's wife, mother or daughter for the entire day. I didn't have to shuttle, do, find, plan, help, or answer. I ate my lunch while it was still hot, and didn't have to clean up afterwards.


Nutter said...

You go girl!
Savor and enjoy!

Donna Alice said...

You don't like fall!! Good thing you've got other redeeming qualities----now, what were they again?

The fudge sounds good. Also the not having to answer to anybody but you---don't you just love the freedom?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice day! I wish I had one of those lately, not filled with shuttling one of the kids around! Need a day for me!