Monday, October 09, 2006


I've been a bit surprised in my travels with a bottle of whine, how many of us are sandwiched between commitments in our lives: family, parents, work, friends, church, etc. Sometimes it seems no matter how long or fast we dance, we just can't please everyone. So how does one deal with stress and frustration? You just keep on dancing the best you can.

A friend asked if was cathartic. Heck, yeah! And it's cheaper and more fun than therapy too. (-;


Erica Vetsch said...

I'm doing the macarena right now! LOL Off to swimming, piano, running copies for an up coming event, trip to the bank...EEEK! Wait! I'm not even dressed yet. Gotta dance!


Nutter said...

Juilard (sp?) is looking for you... The sandwich generation is a huge frustration. You love your parents and your kids. It's not a choice. What's weird is that it used to be so typical for mulit-generations to sustain each other... Society changed however and now it doesn't always jive.

Donna Alice said...

Talking about the multi-generational thing---anybody want to live in MY house?

I've been a sandwich so long, I could probably be sold as week old bread.