Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Magic 8 Ball

I have the opportunity to teach a children's workshop during February vacation week. The Weebles have a doctor's appointment scheduled for that week, and I called them to make sure there were no other appointments scheduled for the day I was given for the workshop.

Dad couldn't find his appointment book. While he tore the house apart, Ma talked to me.

"I thought you would show up today. I need you."

"No, not today, I told you maybe Friday, and that depends on what time the guy who pumps the septic system shows up. What do you need?" I'm thinking 24 more cans of beets to keep the 24 cans she has company.

"I ran out of my prescription."


"No, Saturday." I sighed heavily and looked to the heavens. I could hear Dad in the background speaking in tongues, and I had the urge to utter a few phrases. "Why didn't you call over the weekend?"

"I thought you would show up."

Third base! I debate about telling her I haven't perfected the art of mind reading yet, but I'm close. "I can ask Himself to swing by the pharmacy and get the pills for you."

"No, I have to take the paper to the pharmacy to have it filled. Your father can't find his appointment book, and the paper was in his book." She proceeded to tell me how Dad wouldn't be able to find without a mirror and a flashlight.

So, looks like an emergency shuttle run on Friday, if the septic guy shows up early. Hopefully, Dad will have found his appointment book by then. My Magic 8 ball says: Don't count on it.


Nutter said...

Nothing but a hug for you!

Erica Vetsch said...

You're killing me!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Donna Alice said...

Okay, now the really weird thing here is if the appointment book had a notation---take time to drive CJ further up a wall of frustrtion by getting lost.
And naturally the prescription is in the one item in the house that's gone--sure hope you find it and it's not somewhere with the missing Scooby Doo DVD I never found.