Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yesterday, took Ma and Dad to the doctor's office. I was hoping the doc would be on time as I needed to be out for the afternoon run to driver training and school pick up. Ma was ready, waiting, and half way out the door when I arrived.

We were 15 minutes early for their appointment, and Ma was hoping the doctor would take them early. The waiting room is set up like a bus station with two rows of seats facing each other. Nearly every seat was taken. Blew Ma's idea about the doctor seeing them early. Ma and I found two seats at one end of the room, and Dad took a seat by himself at the other.

The med tech saw me and said, "Are you here again?" (Since the Weebles have a doctor for every toe, we were there two weeks ago to see the heart toe. Yesterday's appointment was to see the primary care toe.) Two weeks ago, the med tech and I had an OPD Support Meeting. "So, how's it going?" she asked. "The same. You?" "Same." We both laughed. She was busy so I couldn't chit chat with her.
After ten minutes, she looked out from the lab area, "Wow, they're really quiet today." Ma had nodded off in her chair, and Dad was reading a magazine. "Oh," she said, "You have them separated." I winked.

Their first appoitment came and went. Their second appoinment came and went. They weren't called until a half hour after the first appointment. Why can't doctors keep their appointments? It's so rude. Makes me want to send the doctor a bill for the wait time, and then a denial to pay from the insurance company.
We were there almost an hour and a half just for them to have their blood pressure taken. Still, I got them there and back and made it home in plenty of time for the afternoon run.
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Nutter said...

I know it's annoying, but this is valuable experience your having. Not only are you taking care of your parents, like a wonderful daughter... But, you are helping your own children see the future and helping yourself decide what it holds in store for you.

My parents, after going through this situation on both sides, sat us down and made their wishes clear. They also made their own plans, etc. They weren't judging their parents, they were preparing for their future and what would be best for all. (We have full permission to stick them in a home. :) )

As for the doctor's office... I get nervous here. Although I too hate the wait, I know, if I come in with more than my doctor expects, she takes the time for me. I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

After all the waiting you did, you should have had your blood pressure taken too,lol! Love the Felix the cat!


Donna Alice said...

Love the cat---wish I were that clever. I'm doing good if I can get still pictures to co-operate. Loved the line about "you have them separated." How true!
And I'm sure you spent your waiting time wisely by praying or something.....wink....

Erica Vetsch said...

It's good to have an ally in the doc's office.