Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A One Sided Conversation

You girls won't get a chronic disease by replacing the toilet paper roll when it's empty.

Putting the roll on top of the toilet tank doesn't count as replacing the roll.

You don't know how? C'mon it's not brain surgery.

Don't be a smartass, it's not rocket science either. Release the spindle.

The spindle, the stick that holds the roll in place.

No, you won't prick your finger. You're not a little princess. The spindle has a spring, push it either from the left or the right to take it out of the holder. Take the empty cardboard tube and toss it in the trash or put it in the recycle bin. Place the full roll on the spindle and insert it back into the holder.

Because I won't always be around to replace the toilet paper for you. I'm fine. I just feel a pain forming behind my right eye.

No, changing toilet paper rolls is not an early sign of OPD.

I did not flip the bird at the two of you. I made devil horns.

No, that's a Texas Longhorn.

No, that's the Hawaiian Aloha. Devil's horns. Like this.

Yeah, it is a funny superstition. Grandma did it to me when I was a kid.

Yeah, I laughed until I had you two.


Erica Vetsch said...

ROFL! I want that sign posted in all my bathrooms. "You will NOT die of some dread disease if you refill the toilet paper dispenser."

Devil horns?


Anonymous said...

LOL! But at least your girls put a new toilet paper roll on the back of the toilet, even if they don't refill the dispenser. My boys take the roll that is in my bathroom to use in their's and leave me stranded!


You know me! said...

I am SERIOUSLY unable to comment on this... It will tick you off!